JBM Display is great for spotting artists in different genres

Although Remy Eijmberts (33) is not a musician himself, he has always had a passion for music and live-acts. Years ago he started organizing events for “Cafe Dadas” in Helmond, the Netherlands. A friend took him to the Rock-tempel in Kerkrade and there he got in touch with lots of bands. Somehow the opportunity came along to book legend Blaze Bayley (former Iron Maiden). More great acts followed and Remy and his friends wanted to become more independent. This all lead to the founding of CMM, short for “Chaos Metal Meeting” (http://www.chaosmetalmeeting.nl).

Apart from Eijmberts, who mainly does bookings and artwork, there’s Raymond who does the administration. And then there are some valuable volunteers who help with different tasks like maintaining the Social Media of the foundation. At the moment CMM does bookings for venue “Muziekcafé” in Helmond. Muziekcafé has been granted the state of “Kernpodium”. It guarantees a high standard for live music and facilities for artists, regarding for instance backstage, stage, lights, promotion, etc.

Remy Eijmberts from Chaos Metal Meeting: “JBM Display is great for spotting artists in different genres”

CMM programs at least 20 gigs a year for Muziekcafé Helmond. The acts differ from smaller Belgian bands to acts like Sisters of Suffocation, Fireforce or Maiden United. Remy knows most bands from the festivals and concerts he visits and because he is a metal-lover, most acts he is in contact with are in similar genres. But apart from the events in Muziekcafé, CMM helps with several events in the Helmond-region like the Bluesroute or the Backstage Chevy Club. So he also needs to get in touch with great bands in other genres. And that’s where JBM Display comes in.

Eijmberts tells about a recent event: “I needed to book an act in an alternative rock genre: not too hard, and not too soft either. Through the search engine in JBM Display I found a great act in Myth of Origin”. Remy is very satisfied with the usability of the site: “It’s great to have a genre-filter in the search engine. The profiles of the bands that show up after a search have all the info that is needed for comparing and selecting a matching act. Bands add media (audio- and videoclips) which is very handy for a programmer to get an impression of the act. There’s pictures for the artwork and all booking-info to get in touch with the bands.”

Do you want your band to be found by bookers and programmers like Remy Eijmberts? Make sure you don’t miss out on a chance to be selected and booked – Sign up and create your own artist Profile on JBM Display (https://www.jbmdisplay.com/pricing-plans)