• Artist name:   VALAR MORGHULIS
  • Country:   Italy
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  • Bookings Agent:   Rock On Agency
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  • Genre:   Female fronted


Born amidst the mists of winter 2017, Valar Morghulis hails from the fog-cloaked lands
surrounding Milan. Guitarists Luca Mapelli and Lorenzo Pagani had joined forces with bass
player Rob Banfi and drummer Valerio Villa back in 2016, but the project was aborted due
to Vale’s departure for the Swedish shores. Once back, Vale and vocalist Isobelle exhumed
the project from the ashes: Valar Morghulis was formed and the line-up completed.
Putting together the variegated influences of five musicians with different experiences in
the heavy music scene, the band quickly developed to play a metal that combines heavy
riffs, dark symphonic melodies, and lyrics that intertwine epic and obscurity. Female lead
vocals and choirs are blackened by screams and growls.
After 10 months of hard work, in October 2017 time was ripe for the release of the first
self-produced EP, ‘The Origins’, containing three tracks with a characteristic melodic yet
heavy sound. Starting from November 2017 and through all of 2018, Valar Morghulis
began playing around the Lombardy area while adding more own songs to the repertoire,
mainly sharing the stage with acts from the Italian symphonic and melodic-death metal
In 2019, Valar Morghulis signed with Volcano Records & Promotions, entering the roster of
its extreme metal label, the Dark Hammer Legion. This was the prelude to the recording
and release of the band’s first full-length, “Fields of Ashes”, out on the 8th November 2019,
produced by Mattia Stancioiu (Labyrinth, Vision Divine, Crown of Autumns), preceded by
the singles “Broken Eagle” and “Where the Blackfish Dwell”. The album was released in
physical format the following day, celebrated with a headliner live show. Currently, Valar
Morghulis are arranging dates to promote the album within and beyond the Alps border.