• Artist name:   TerraDown
  • Country:   Netherlands
  • Email:   info@terradown.com
  • Bookings Email:   info@terradown.com
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With the work and the show of TerraDown there is something for every music enthusiast. Melodic guitars, powerful drums, deep bass, heavy vocals and an energetic show; TerraDown offers the audience an experience they’ll never forget. One of the fundaments of the band is diversity. Within and between their songs.

Last year the band’s main focus was on gaining stage experience. In addition to collaborating with other bands such as Spoil Engine, the band has also proved itself by winning the Dutch Metal Battle 2019. With this TerraDown is going perform at Wacken Open Air in July 2019.

In addition to all those performances, the band did not waste time. In February 2020 the band goes to the studio to record a full size album. And maybe as one of the first, you can dance, mosh and head bang to a new song of TerraDown.