• Artist name:   Psideralica
  • Country:   Spain
  • Website:
  • Bookings Agent:   Toni Kernel
  • Bookings Email:
  • Bookings Phone:   +34 (0)6 392 67 714
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  • Music:  
  • Genre:   Alternative Rock, Elektronisch, Female fronted, Femme, and Gothic



Spanish industrial/rock/metal/goth band founded by guitarist Toni Kernel in 2003.

Discography: “Engel der Nacht” (2005), “Neophobia?” (2010), “TRINITITE” (2016). PSIDERALICA has performed live shows on the main Spanish cities, festivals in UK (London, Bristol), France (Toulouse), Germany (Dusseldorf), Malta (Siggiewi), Italy (Torino), Belgium (Peer, Balen), Festival Costa De Fuego (with artists like Guns n ‘Roses, Marilyn Manson, Lacuna Coil, Paradise Lost, Nightwish, InFlames…), and the “Showland” of Mallorca FULL METAL CRUISE II. “Bands like Psideralica escape all rules. They hit you from different angles. It’s not your typical Goth, or industrial, or dance group. Waves of synths and electric guitars intertwine with the voice of Lady Marian, capable of crossing Madonna with Rammstein.” (Costa de Fuego 2012). In addition, several songs of PSIDERALICA have been selected for soundtrack of several TV series and film productions, both in Spain and the rest of the world.