• Artist name:   ONYDIA
  • Country:   Italy
  • Website:   facebook.com/onydiaband/
  • Bookings Agent:   ROCK ON AGENCY
  • Bookings Email:   booking@rockonagency.com
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  • Music:  
  • Genre:   Female fronted and Metal (Progressive)


Formed in 2016 by Eleonora Buono, Daniele Amador e Luca Zamberti, is a melodic prog metal band ranging from sweet to aggressive sounds. The ONYDIA name was created from two greek words, oneiro (dream) and diafanìs (transparent), “it is the representation of a surreal dream in the real world, of our emotions when creating art”. After releasing the first two singles “Dyaphany” and “A New Safe Path”, their debut album “Reflections” was published on February 2019 via Revalve Records.

Onydia are born from a metal project with female vocals, which is far from the actual standard of the roman band. The union of the three leader members’ characteristics created the band Onydia, a project composed by the singer, Eleonora Buono, with a polyhedral and versatile musical formation/experience, from the study of the opera to pop, soul and funk music mixing very sweet and veiled shades with some more powerful and intense tones, creating a particular dualism with the music arrangement; Daniele Amador, with a great music background, polyhedric guitarist who has played in many different bands, from progressive to death metal, and also from pop to rock, he brings his musical influences in this project ranging from sweet to aggressive compositions; from the harmony and the music taste of both the guitarist and the singer, they made the biggest part of this work; together, they worked on melodies and vocal lines that can represent what the name Onydia means. Also the drummer Luca Zamberti contributed to the writings of the album “Reflections”, giving to the composition a sophisticated and eclectic vibe, just like his personality. All the three musicians lived the composition of this album with emotivity and rationality, something that is required in a genre like prog metal. The guitarist Alessio Ottaviani and the bass player Francesco Fasolo, they both took part of this journey on stage; actually, the lineup had some several changes, Luca Zamberti and Alessio Ottaviani left the band, Francesco Fasolo switched to guitar player, and two new members joined the band, Francesco Vinci as the bass player and Daniele Saulle as the drummer. Today the band has an intense and energetic live activity.