Neverland – Marillion Tribute Band


Neverland – Marillion Tribute Band


  • Artist name:   Neverland
  • Country:   Italy
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  • Genre:   Progressive Rock


Most Tribute acts represent bands that are not active anymore. Debate has always been : why would you want to stage something that is still alive and kickin’ !? The reason for us is obvious : we love Marillion, their message and what they stand for in the world of music. Marillion started out with frontman Fish back in the eighties and after 4 albums of great impact and commercial success been left singerless until Steve Hogarth (h) came in the picture. The band struggled to find its own path again but finally raised through the ashes and became what has been reckoned as the Best Kept Secret in the Music Business. So Neverland was born in 2006 in Rome (Italy) to reveal a little bit of those secrets. The band captures the spirit and soul of Marillion’s production concentrating more on the NOW than on the ancient past. Staging a show that includes video projections and all the latest classics, audiences will be flooded by the emotional wave of Marillion’s music. Members of Neverland have been involved in various projects over the years involving Marillion’s guitar master Steve Rothery, and have also performed with the band at the conventions in Holland during the legendary Swap The Band parenthesis. Neverland are the oldest h era Marillion Tribute Band around, active for almost fourteen years, and this experience shows in terms of quality. If you love Marillion you don’t want to miss out any of their gigs.


“So take our hand

Squeeze it tight

Make some light

In the darkness

We’re glad you came on this trip

Don’t lose your grip

This train is our life


Travel with us

And we’ll see..”

(original Lyrics taken from “This Train Is My LIfe”)