Kristoffer Gildenlöw


Kristoffer Gildenlöw


  • Artist name:   Kristoffer Gildenlöw
  • Country:   Netherlands
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  • Bookings Agent:   JBM Events
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  • Bookings Phone:   +31 06 22400273
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  • Genre:   Post-rock, Progressive Rock, and Singer-Songwriter


Kristoffer Gildenlöw is mostly known as a bass player where he has recorded and toured the world with bands and artists such as Pain of Salvation (S), Neal Morse (US), Kayak (NL), Damian Wilson (UK), Mr Fastfinger (FIN), Episode (BE), The Shadow Theory (A) and several more.
Adding some 50 releases to his discography and a well known name in the (progressive) hard rock world as a solid session player.

But his solo music is slightly different.
Being a multi instrumentalist, Kristoffer constantly looks for the best sound to fit each song in order to tell a story and to bring that story directly to your heart and mind.

His solo music is softer, darker, melancholic and dreamy.
From minimalistic intermezzos to unusual instrumentations, choices, strings and epic guitar solos with symphonic influences and power.
All narrated by his personal storytelling and interesting vocal arrangements.

His music is not something you put on in the background while cooking or having friends over.
This is music in which you disappear from the world as you get sucked into the darkness of the forests or back to your childhood.

And Kristoffer is know to bring this all, so tastefully, to the stage.
Sometimes on his own with just a guitar and a piano, sometimes as a duet or a quartet and sometimes – if you’re lucky – as a full band with a choir and violin players and a full on theatrical show and video display.
It all depends on the moment.