INVADERS – Iron Maiden Tribute


INVADERS – Iron Maiden Tribute


  • Artist name:   INVADERS - Iron Maiden Tribute
  • Country:   Italy
  • Website:
  • Bookings Agent:   Gianluca Capo & Daniele Tondelli
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  • Genre:   Metal (Heavy) and Tribute-band


INVADERS was born in Roma, Italy, in 2002 to tribute Iron Maiden music in the most accurate way possible.

Passion for the british band, accuracy in performances and a very large repertory (more than 80 songs including both evergreen hits than spicy B-Sides) settled INVADERS as one of the major Maiden Tribute acts in Italy and made them able to play, besides classic “Best of” gigs, also real “events” where entire tracklists from most famous live are performed as was:

– Legacy of the Beast (2019)                              – Live at Donington (1992)
– Somewhere Back in Time (2009)                   – Maiden England (1988)
– A Matter of the Beast (2007)                          – Somewhere on Tour (1987)
– Death on the Road (2003)                               – Live after Death (1985)
– Rock in Rio (2001)

Long time experienced and moved by unstoppable enthusiasm INVADERS invite you to experiment live energy exploding during their shows… and who knows if Eddie will come to welcome you!

INVADERS gonna get all of you, no matter how far… UP THE IRONS!

Matteo Cervini: Lead Vocals
Daniele Tondelli: Guitars (Adrian) and Backing Vocals
Gianluca Capo: Guitars (Janick)
Germano Caretti: Guitars (Dave)
Giuseppe Sibilla: Bass and Backing Vocals
Riccardo Spilli: Drums