• Artist name:   FlowerLeaf
  • Country:   Germany
  • Website:   flowerleafband.com
  • Bookings Agent:   Vivs Takahashi
  • Bookings Email:   contact@flowerleafband.com
  • Bookings Phone:   +49 (1)7 869 00 413
  • Video:  
  • Music:  
  • Genre:   Female fronted, Femme, Gothic, Metal (Heavy), and Rock



“Why form a band?” “To spread a message.”
With this answer, in 2017, Vivs and Marcelo decided to leave all their music projects behind to work together in one single goal: FlowerLeaf.


They started composing songs that came from their reality and their hearts. Later, the producer Raphael Gazal (Pastore, Bulletback) helped them with the arrangements, guitars and all the technical parts concerning the recordings.

In April 2018, they released their first single “Firesoul” that was very well received by the public. But it was with their second single “Girl in Pearls”, released in July 2018 along with a music video that they started to get in the spotlight. This single got the band into two Spotify official playlists, Heavy Queens and New Blood, which made the amount of listeners and audience increase considerably.

Now, FlowerLeaf is getting ready to release their debut album “Stronger”. The songs are exactly what the title says: they are strong, powerful, with captivating riffs and solos. Vivs’ voice brings a mixture of softness and brightness and it goes along very well with the two guest singers Mylena Monaco (Sinaya) and Marina La Torraca (Exit Eden, Phantom Elite) who bring experience and weight to the album.

“Why form a band?” “To spread a message.” The world that we live in is desperate for something good to happen. For a solution to any kind of problem. And people forget that they are not perfect. And they forget to love and appreciate things that are truly important. They forget that we are allowed to be ourselves, to dream high and reach for our goals. This is the message “Stronger” carries and want to spread to the world.