Finding Kate


Finding Kate


  • Artist name:   Finding Kate
  • Country:   United Kingdom
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  • Genre:   Alternative Rock, Gothic, Hardrock, and Pop


Kate Pavli, otherwise known by her stage name “Finding Kate” is an Alternative/Rock solo artist based in London. Hailing all the way from Australia and Cyprus, this rocker proves she is a force to be reckoned with. Her powerful vocals, melodic songs and dark music separate her from the crowd. Since the release of her debut album ‘If I Fall’ in 2016, she has been a quiet force, honing her craft, playing shows and preparing for the next chapter. 

Almost 3 years later, Finding Kate unleashes her fiery new single ‘I Feel Bad’ to a wave of support from her fans and media, securing airplay on Kerrang! Radio, Planet Rock Radio, Primordial Radio and magazine features with Devolution Magazine, Black Velvet Magazine, Vents Magazine etc. 

Drawing influences from the Rock, Alternative and Pop genres, ‘I Feel Bad’ is a clear example of what is to follow from Kate.