• Artist name:   Deathtiny
  • Country:   Germany
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  • Bookings Agent:   Dennis Buffing
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  • Bookings Phone:   +49 (0)174 81 14 828
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  • Genre:   Alternative Rock, Elektronisch, Female fronted, Gothic, and Rock



Deathtiny, a play on words originating from the words destiny and death, is breathed to life by guitarist Dennis Buffing in 2003.


After many formation changes Deathtiny finds its final line-up with the singer Julia Mann, in 2009. With her expressive voice she puts them in the Melodic Dark Metal genre. Deathtiny stands for strong riff-oriented songs with a carrying melodies, rock and classic singing paired with aggressive shouts. The band stands out with their dynamic songs and deep lyrics, pinnacling with their high energy live shows. “In Creep´s Clothing”, the first album with Julia on vocals, is released by STF Records in 2014. The band does not play many shows but makes a lot of new fans, anyway. In September 2017 they release their current album “Come To Life”, again on STF Records. It contains a load of catchy songs and melodies, as well as head-banging riffs. The live shows are getting more intense and people love the new songs.