Beyond God


  • Artist name:   Beyond God
  • Country:   Netherlands
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  • Bookings Agent:   Ferry Guns
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  • Genre:   Metal (Progressive)


Beyond God

Beyond God is a female fronted symphonic metal band from The Netherlands. Their music incorporates elements from heavy metal, classical and symphonic music.


Heavy guitars, bass and drums are combined with symphonic strings, brass ensembles and beautiful vocals to create dark, atmospheric compositions.


What makes their music stand out from other symphonic metal is that the heavy metal side of the music is at service of the symphonic and classical side.
The starting point for creating the music is the symphonic orchestrations and piano, instead of layering guitar riffs with some strings.
Beyond God was founded by Ferry Guns in 2008. His main focus was to write the basic symphonic orchestrations.
Ferry, being a drummer, soon added drums to these orchestrations.
After a while he started searching for musicians that could contribute to Beyond God and turn the basic orchestrations into symphonic metal songs.


Beyond God, as you experience it on the first two full length albums, has Meryl Foreman on vocals, Twan Smolders on guitars, Lukasz Kubaszak on bass and founder Ferry Guns on drums/piano/orchestrations.
In 2016 they released their first full-length album called ‘A Moment Of Black’ and toured successfully in multiple countries, gaining fans all over the world.


Since the release of the debut album, the journey of the second began.
For this one, band cooperation would play a big role in writing the songs.
They wanted to grow in their sound, making it more modern metal with aggressive riffs and a dynamic rhythm section.
This all combined with the atmospheric, dark orchestral vibe and melodic vocal lines that characterize Beyond God, results in an amazing sound.
The album had to have a close connection to the listener by touching life topics and via lots of power but with a wide emotional range, from bright dreams to dark fears.
This was achieved by having soft bright sounds, dark aggressive noises and memorable vocal lines, all in one album.
To grow even more, cello and choir were recorded. As something new and different, a duet with John ‘Jaycee’ Cuijpers was realized. The final results are truly satisfying!


On the 9th of November 2017, the second album called ‘Dying To Feel Alive’ has been released!


The current line up consist of:
Ferry Guns – Drums

Meryl Foreman – Vocals

Ronald Tielen – Lead Guitar

Peter den Bakker – Rhythm Guitar

Dennis Winkel – Bass Guitar