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This isn’t the JBM Bookings site or an average booking-site. This is JBM Display. A display of artists/bands where JBM Events collaborates, cooporates and worked with.

About us

JBM Events is searching for more artists/bands. Are you an artist/band and is JBM Events the kind of agency you would like to cooporate with, this might be an opportunity and please fill in the registration form. What we’ll do: We’ll screen all registrations and check if the artist/band who signs up is eligible for a spot at JBM-Display and we’ll get back to you with a decent answer. The best thing is: it’s nearly for free.

JBM Display

We charge an admin-fee of € 2,- per month. JBM Events is all about artists and bands. We do bookings, management, shows and events, productions, promotions, recordings, … You name it! Joey Bruers, CEO, name giver and driving force behind JBM Events, dreamed of a display to host all the artists/bands who were connected to JBM Events. Result: JBM Display

Our Team

Joey Bruers
Owner & Artist / Sales Manager

Bart Ramos
Owner & Support Manager

JBM Display

Huib Dieltjens
Owner & Communication Manager

Barbara Provo
Administration Manager